Medical Student In Chennai Dies After Hair Transplant

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A final year medical student in Chennai has lost his life after he went for hair transplant at a salon. The student’s name is Santosh Kumar. The student went for a hair transplant at a salon called “ARHT Global”. It came up in the investigation that the salon only had a hair styling and hair cutting license. Moreover the doctor who performed the procedure did not have a dermatology or plastic surgery license. Following investigation the salon has been sealed and licenses of the salon and the doctor have been cancelled.

Santosh Kumar Photo thenewsminute
Santosh Kumar Photo thenewsminute

Santosh Kumar went for a hair transplant and felt extreme discomfort and fever soon after the procedure. He was assured that these symptoms were normal. As he travelled to his home-town, the fever went worse, he developed diarrhoea and vomiting. He was admitted to a hospital where he had a cardiac arrest following multiple organ failure on 17th May. This death sheds light on numerous such hair transplant centres that have sprung up throughout the country. It is important to get procedure like this done only by certified licensed professionals otherwise not just your hair, your life could also be at risk.

ARHT GLobal Hair Transplant Advertisement
ARHT GLobal Hair Transplant Advertisement

Research shows that the salon named ARHT Global indeed has a global presence with ads of hair transplants in the UK as well. Despite not having the requisite license, a quick search shows the internet littered with its hair transplant service advertisements in many cities of India. At the moment it is not clear whether scrutiny of the other ARHT Global centres will be done as well or only the Chennai based centre will be questioned.

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