Texas Couple Die Holding Hands After 58 Years Of Marriage

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George Lee Rodriguez and Ora Lee Rodriguez of San Antonio, Texas, got married in 1958 when they were both 20. For the last 58 years, they remained united celebrating their undying love for each other and perhaps proved the depth of their passion by dying together, holding hands. Something you might expect in a Hollywood movie, not in real life.

Geoge And Ora Holding Hands Even After Death Photo wtvr
Geoge And Ora Holding Hands Even After Death Photo wtvr

The couple, both 78, suffered from dementia. George had a stroke a few months back. They were in the hospital, their beds kept side by side. In the evening of 5th July, George passed away and within 3 hours Ora too followed her husband. When their children and relatives visited them, they could not believe what they saw. The couple were still holding hands as they slept for the final time. Even death could not do them part.

George And Ora Lee Rodriguez Photo nydailynews
George And Ora Lee Rodriguez Photo nydailynews

The couples’ daughter Corina Martinez said in an interview, “They were holding hands. I just can’t believe something like this would ever happen, you hear this on the movies … like ‘The Notebook’.” But as they say, movies are a reflection of reality and not the other way round. And since when has love ever been any less exciting than a movie? George and Ora just proved it one more time.

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