Alcohol Can Cause 7 Types Of Cancer, Finds Study

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A recent study published in the “Addiction” journal indicates that alcohol increases the chances of at least 7 types of cancers. According to the study, alcohol consumption increases the chances of larynx, liver, colon, female breast, rectum, esophagus and oropharynx cancer. People who ingest more than 5 pegs of alcohol a day are at 40% higher risk but those who consume low to moderate levels of alcohol are at risk as well.

Alcohol Representational Image Courtesy webmd
Alcohol Representational Image Courtesy webmd

According to Jennie Connor, the author of the study, alcohol could also be responsible for pancreatic, prostate and skin cancers but researchers are still working on the links. As for these 7 types of cancers, they most probably take place as alcohol breaks down certain compounds once it enters the body. Breast cancer is looked to elevated estrogen levels caused by alcohol. The study was based on last on 10 years of review data published on several leading cancer research journals and foundations.

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