Jackie Chan To Receive Honorary Oscar At Governor’s Award 2016

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Veteran actor Jackie Chan and some other Hollywood veterans will be awarded with honorary Oscar by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science. The awards will be handed at the 2016 Governor’s Awards to be held on 12th November in Hollywood. This is the 8th edition of Governor’s Awards which was created specially for honorary Oscars as the viewers complained that the main awards show was getting too long.

Image Courtesy jackiechan.com
Image Courtesy jackiechan.com

Apart from Jackie, other recipients of honorary Oscars are casting director Lynn Stalmaster, editor Anne V. Coates and documentary maker Frederick Wiseman. The press release quoted that Jackie Chan was being honoured for “his dazzling athleticism, inventive stunt work and boundless charisma.” The veteran actor is currently in 54th year of active participation in the motion picture industry.

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