Hungarian TV Cameraperson Indicted For Assaulting Refugees In 2015

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Hungarian cameraperson for N1TV Petra Laszlo has been indicted for assaulting refugee kids and tripping refugees in September, 2015. The incident took place on 8th September, 2015 near Hungary’s border with Serbia. As host of migrants tried to break through police cordon, Petra was caught on camera kicking two kids and later tripping a middle aged gentleman carrying a child. Charges of assault and breach of peace have been brought against her.

Petra Laszlo Photo facebook
Petra Laszlo Photo facebook

The footage went viral and people denounced her action on social media. She was immediately fired from N1TV. Petra apologised for the incident but maintained she did what she did out of fear as the migrants broke through police cordon. The videos, however, show no violence on part of the migrants and some of her actions were grossly disproportionate with her justifications.

Petra commented in an interview that her life was ruined by the incident and she wants to move to Russia. Last year almost 400,000 thousand migrants passed through Hungary. Now the government has set up fences and tight security in order to contain the influx of refugees.

Here is the video that shows how Petra kicked kids and tripped a man:


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