Transgender Actress Alexis Arquette Dead At 47

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Transgender actress and member of the Arquette family of Hollywood, Alexis Arquette has passed away at the age of 47. Cause of her death has not been made public from her family. The actress was the sibling of Rosanna, Richmond, Patricia and David Arquette, all of whom are Hollywood actors. Alexis is considered a pioneer for transgenders in Hollywood and she has been associated with the LGBTQ community throughout her life.

Alexis Arquette Photo cnn
Alexis Arquette Photo cnn

Alexis was born Robert Arquette. She started her onscreen career at the age of 12 and made her movie debut at the age of 16 in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. She has appeared in more than 40 movies often playing the roles of transgender and transvestites. She played Roman emperor Caligula in “Xena: The Warrior Princess” and guest starred in TV shows like “Friends” and “Son of the Beach”.

Alexis was always vocal about transgenders not getting enough respect and meaningful roles in Hollywood movies. Her family said, “She passed away surrounded by love. We held her and sang her David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ as she punched through the veil to the other side. We washed her body in rose petals and surrounded her with flowers.” The family has requested her fans to not send any flowers and instead donate to the LGBTQ community.


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