Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled In US Due To Fire Hazards

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US government officially recalled all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones sold before 15th September. This includes about 1 million units. The Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has caused a large number of serious fire and burn incidents globally due to battery issues. Batteries of these phones tend to overheat and burn or explode.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photo techradar
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photo techradar

Government notice alerted users to shut down their Galaxy Note 7 phones immediately and contact the retailer. Users will get a free Samsung Galaxy Note 7, money back or some other replacement phone in return. Users have to verify the IMEI number of their phones in order to get the replacements.

A number of countries have banned air travel with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. 92 such cases were reported in US out of which 26 incidents caused burns. 55 incidents involved property damages due to fire. The current recall only concerns phones sold before 15th September. Due to the sheer volume of replacements needed, Samsung has requested users to wait till 21st September to get their replacements.

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