Roger Moore Wants Adrian Turner To Replace Craig As Next James Bond

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While Daniel Craig’s aversion to play the iconic spy is well known, his replacement to play James Bond is still a matter of speculation. A number of actors have put forward their resumes to play James Bond, including Idris Alba, Jamie Bell, Gillian Anderson and Charlie Hunnam. But former Bond Sir Roger Moore has a clear favourite.

Sir Roger Moore As James Bond Photo
Sir Roger Moore As James Bond Photo

Mr. Moore told Huffington Post that he thinks Aidan Turner is the most suitable actor to replace Daniel Craig, both in terms of looks and acting skill. He also believes Tom Hiddleston could be a very popular and right choice as well. Roger Moore shot down the idea of having a female actor play James Bond saying, “You could have a female, a Jane Bond, but it would have nothing to do with James Bond. No, Bond is Bond.” Sir Roger Moore played the iconic spy in “Live and Let Die”, “Octopussy”, “Moonraker”, “A Man With A Golden Gun”, “A View To Kill”, “For Your Eyes Only” and “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

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