Whatsapp Video Calling Spam Link At Large, Beware Netizens

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Whatsapp recently announced the launch of video calling feature in their ever popular social networking app, for free. As soon as the announcement hit the market, spammers came out of the woodwork with a new way of hoodwinking Whatsapp users. This time in the form of a Whatsapp video calling invitation link. The link claims that video calling can be started only after activation via this link.

The Fake Invitation Link That Keeps The Scam Circulating
The Fake Invitation Link That Keeps The Scam Circulating

The spam link reads,  “You’re invited to try WhatsApp Video Calling feature. Only people with the invitation can enable this feature.” Once clicked, you are taken to a webpage called “whatsappvideolive” that is carefully crafted to look official and original. It has screenshots of Whatsapp video calling features littered across the page. Once you click on the “Activate” button, it will take some of your own information and ask you to send this invitation to other Whatsapp users or groups.

Of course in order to activate video calling all you need to do is to update Whatsapp from Google Play store or iOS store. Despite knowing this is a spam, some people are clicking the link out of curiosity which is also dangerous. Tinkering with the spam link can easily get your smart device exposed to hackers who can then access all sensitive data. Whatsapp has been targeted by spammers frequently including the Whatsapp Gold scam that was doing the circles fairly recently.

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