Latest iPhone Update Could Have “Theatre” Mode, Speculations Start To Flow

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According to a leak posted by Sonny Dickson on Twitter, Apple is set to release iOS 10.3 update on 10th January and the update would have a “theatre” mode. The leak does not describe what this mode does so speculations are running wild among tech fanatics. Some believe that this mode will make the screen darker in cinemas to make sure glaring screens do not disturb others. Others think this mode might put the phone in a silent mode that will only get deactivated once the user steps out of the theatre.


Apple has been working on making phone usage in cinemas less irritating. They have a number of patents including one where theatre owners can automatically put all iPhones in the vicinity in silent mode. The latest OLED screen will also allow black menu items without consuming too much power. The theatre mode can be activated by pressing a “popcorn” shaped icon on the screen.

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