Andre Agassi Says Roger Federer Arguably The Greatest Ever


American tennis legend Andre Agassi said Roger Federer is arguably the greatest Lawn Tennis player to have ever stepped into a court. Speaking to Harsha Bhogle, Agassi not only sang praises for “FedExpress” but also said that he considers his fiercest competitor Pete Sampras to be a better player than him. Agassi said in his typical joking demeanor, “I cannot believe how easy he (Federer) makes it look. It almost pisses me off that he just makes it look so easy. It’s a great generation of tennis. One that takes decades and makes it into one generation that everybody should be grateful to be able to watch.”

Andre Agassi

Agassi himself has 8 grand slams and an Olympic title to his name. His rivalry against Pete Sampras used be highlights of any tennis season. he said about Sampras,  “I woke up one day and I had this dream I was Pete Sampras, so I immediately went back to sleep. Sorry I can’t help it (about the jibes I’ve thrown against Sampras).” Talking about his wife Steffi Graf, womens tennis legend who has won 22 grand slams, Agassi joked, “I call her the Rock of Gibraltar. She doesn’t even know where her trophies are by the way so. I think she has 22 or something like that but yeah, pretty amazing! Only eight for me, so, if you ever want to know how to stay humble, marry someone who beats you at everything because the good news is if she leaves me, I can take half of them.”

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