Samsung Releases Causes Behind Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

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Tech giant Samsung has released two separate battery related reasons behind the Galaxy Note 7 explosions. Since its launch, the hailed Galaxy Note 7 was plagued with faulty battery issues that caused the phones to catch fire and explode involuntarily. Due to the nature of the risk, many airlines around the globe banned Galaxy Note 7s from flights including US. Samsung started to recall the original batch of Note 7s but even the replacements started to malfunction, causing Samsung to recall the whole batch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 That Caught Fire Aboard A Southwest Flight Photo bbc
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 That Caught Fire Aboard A Southwest Flight Photo bbc

This whole incident caused Samsung to publish lowest ever quarterly earnings for many years and it also lost some market share to Apple due to distrust amongst consumers. Now in order to gain the trust back, Samsung has released the two reasons that plagued the original and the replacement batch. According to the report, the first batch of phones had smaller battery cases than the actual size of the batteries. This led the batteries being crimped in the top right corner which ultimately started the problems.

Samsung Headquarters

For the replacement batch, however, the problems were manifold, including faulty welding as Samsung rushed through the delivery process. Samsung has now introduced an 8-point battery Safety Check which would shape and size check, X-Ray check and a disassembling check amongst other things. This whole fiasco cost Samsung close to 10 Billion USD. President of Samsung’s Mobile Communication Business DJ Koh said, “We are committed to earning the trust of our customers through innovation that redefines what is possible in safety, and as a gateway to unlimited possibilities and incredible new experiences.”

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