Hitler’s Personal Phone, Used To Order Millions Of Killings, About To Go Under The Hammer

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Adolf Hitler’s personal red telephone, which he carried everywhere he went, is all set to be auctioned off. The telephone was recovered by a British Officer from his bunker after Hitler committed suicide. This is the phone Hitler used to order millions of killings including his final instructions to burn his residence after his suicide. Sir Ralph Rayner, a Brigadier in British Army, salvaged this phone from the ‘Fuhrerbunker’ and secretly brought it to UK. Under the then laws, British officers were not allowed to bring back anything from Germany.

Adolf Hitler's Red Phone Photo Alexander Historical Auctions
Adolf Hitler’s Red Phone Photo Alexander Historical Auctions

The phone has Adolf Hitler’s name and a “Swastika” engraved on its body. Sir Rayner passed away in 1977 and he passed on this possession to his son Ranulf Rayner. Ranulf Rayner has decided to auction it off so that it can be kept on permanent display and remind people of the Nazi atrocities. The auction will fetch an estimated 400,000 Pounds. Ranulf had approached Sotheby’s and Christie’s but they do not auction Nazi memorabilia. Hence Alexander Historical Auctions of US will complete the auction towards the end of this month.

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