NBC Reporter Fact Checks Donald Trump In Real Time, Internet Explodes In Approval

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During his presidential campaign Donald Trump spewed one dubious fact after the other and no amount of subsequent fact checking could deter the damage that was being done. Since being the President of US, Donald Trump has shown he has not changed one bit. Only this time, during a media briefing, Donald got fact checked by NBC Reporter Peter Alexander in real time. Donald was caught off guard and visibly distraught.

Donald Trump And Peter Alexander
Donald Trump And Peter Alexander

During the briefing, Mr. Trump brought up the “huge” margin of his victory and said his winning 306 electoral votes was the highest since Ronald Reagan. When Peter Alexander said President Barak Obama got 365 electoral votes, Donald tried to change the goalposts by saying he meant only “Republican” presidents.

Not one to back down, armed with facts, Peter then reminded Donald that George H W Bush got 426 electoral votes when he was elected president, 120 more than Donald. He also asked Mr. Trump how American people can trust him as he claims American citizens are being fed false information regularly when he as a president is in fact dishing out fakes? Donald’s answer? Someone gave me this information, I don’t know.

As soon as the video was published internet, Twitter stood in support of Peter Alexander. Some lauded him for having the guts to correct Donald in front of his face and others called for all the journalists to fact check Donald at every turn.

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