Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Crack On All Sides After A Single Drop, Be Careful

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones have been loved by buyers for their incredibly sleek and beautiful all glass design with infinity display. However, it is this same design that makes these phones extremely susceptible to cracking after a single drop. These phones do not have a metal frame on the body hence no protection from front face or sideways dropping. Tests were carried out by SquareTrade, a smartphone insurance firm.

Galaxy S8 Cracked Photo
Galaxy S8 Cracked Photo

After their tests, the Galaxy S8 scored 76 out of 100 and Galaxy S8+ scored 77 out of 100, both receiving medium-high risk factor. In the tests, both the phone’s screens cracked after one face down from a height of 6 feet. the front face down drops also caused cracks to appear on the back of the phones. Sideways drops caused damage to the buttons and glass design. According to SquareTrade, of all tests done by them, the Galaxy S8 phones are the only ones that cracked after a single drop and they mentioned that these phones are “extremely susceptible to cracking when dropped from any angle.” So whatever you do do not drop your Galaxy S8 phones.

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