Mongolia Set To Launch Its First Satellite ‘Mazaalai’ Into Space Today

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Mongolia is all set to send its first ever satellite, ‘Mazaalai’, to the space today from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, US. The satellite has been named after a Mongolian endangered Gobi desert bear. This space project came through the thanks to the support of Japan and UNESCO. The same launch will also see the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket shoot for the space.

Mazaalai 1U CubeStats Satellite
Mazaalai 1U CubeStats Satellite

The project comes under the Joint Global Multi-Nation Birds Satellite project that helps countries like Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria and Japan. The missile is of type 1U CubeStats. Under the project, all of these countries will send identical mini satellites to the space and use them to their advantage in space study. The Mazaalai satellite will be place 400 KM from earth and Mongolia can communicate with it multiple times per day. A second Mongolian satellite will be launched 2019 according to plans.

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