Germany To Test Porsche Cayenne SUV After Reports Of Possible Emission Breach

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Not long before, in 2015 in fact, Porsche’s sister company Volkswagen was fined heftily for using a cheating device in their vehicles to defeat emission tests. Now Porsche itself seems to be in trouble as German Transport Ministry has decided to test one of its diesel SUVs, the Porsche Cayenne after reports of its objectionable emission levels surfaced. Specifically, Der Spiegel magazine claimed that the SUV had multiple “modes”, one of which exceeded the acceptable Nitric Oxide levels.

The Diesel Porsche Cayenne V6 TDI Is Under German Transport Ministry's Radar
The Diesel Porsche Cayenne V6 TDI Is Under German Transport Ministry’s Radar

The magazine claimed that the SUV has a “Warm Up” mode, which the magazine claims is designed to cheat at emission tests. According to the report, the devices shifts to different modes while negotiating slopes and bends. These modes reportedly are not compliant to current emission norms. Porsche rejected the claim stating that they carried out the same tests carried out by Der Spiegel with the help of TÜV Nord, an inspection company and found the claims baseless.

Porsche also claimed to have offered Der Spiegel for a joint test of the Cayenne V6 TDI which the magazine refused. Porsche reminded that emission levels often change based on engine load, speed and temperature.

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