Iraq Declares The Fall Of ISIS, Experts Warn Of Renewed Insurgence

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With Iraqi forces seizing Al_nuri mosque in Mosul from the clutches of ISIS, Iraq declared the fall of ISIS in the country. While there are still small pockets of resistance remaining near the border of Iraq and Syria, the militant group has lost any considerable land in the country and can now be considered an insurgent terrorist group where there activities will most likely be limited to guerilla attacks, bombings and other acts of violence.

Iraqi Federal Police Forces Flash The Victory Sign As They Roll Into Mosul Photo Getty/AFP
Iraqi Federal Police Forces Flash The Victory Sign As They Roll Into Mosul Photo Getty/AFP

Mosul was the largest city under ISIS control and 3 years ago ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had declared the establishment of ISIS from the Al-Nuri mosque of Mosul. After capturing Raqqa and Mahin, the coalition forces started pushing into Mosul in October 2016. Battle was hard as Mosul was a densely populated city and ISIS was using remaining population as human shields. As the coalition troops closed in on the mosque, ISIS militants blew up the historical building and its al-Hadba minaret.

Smoke Rising From What Is Left Of Mosul After The Fight Photo Getty/AFP
Smoke Rising From What Is Left Of Mosul After The Fight Photo Getty/AFP

The battle efforts against ISIS have not been easy and Iraq has lost a huge number of civilian lives. Cities have been completely destroyed as dwellers fled and ISIS destroyed everything in their wake. But the coalition of Iraqi army, US war efforts, Kurdish Peshmerga forces, US backed Kurdish forces and Iranian militias have finally been able to officially snatch any land ISIS had been holding thus bringing its claim of being a “State” to an end. Experts, however, warn that now ISIS will revamp its insurgence efforts and we will perhaps see an increase and bombings, mass killings and other violences carried out by the terrorist outfit. Iraq and Syria might get the most of these renewed violences.


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