A Smartphone App To Test For Diabetes Without Blood Is In Development

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An app called Epic Health is being developed by British scientists that will help users test for blood sugar levels with a prick or blood. The app will work by taking close up pictures of the fingertip. From the images, the app will be able to calculate user’s temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, blood pressure to respiration rate and blood oxygen saturations. According to the scientists developing the app, Epic Health will be able to calculate variations in the user’s pulse which is directly linked to blood glucose saturation. Hence no need for blood.

Blood Sugar Test

Dominic Wood, the founder of the app, said in an interview, “The app uses a simple protocol which prompts the user to take a non-invasive test and this allows us to capture the vital information in a systematic way which produces the most consistent results. This is a massive driver of prevention,” and even targets, “everyone yet to be diagnosed with or in the general risk of diabetes when it’s still preventable.” Epic Health will undergo clinical trials and is expected to hit the internet by the end of the year.

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