A New Study Finds Smart People Tend To Be Lazy

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If you have been criticized all your life for being lazy, preferring to chill out while everyone else pranced around frantically, this might be your turn to smile. A new study conducted by Journal of Health Psychology shows that people who are smarter than average tend to be physically lazy. But just because they are laid back does not mean they are not working. While their body is at a leisure, their minds often race in different directions.

Lazy People

The study had a sample size of 60 people, divided into two groups. One group demonstrated a higher need for cognition and the other group a lower need for cognition. The study demonstrated that the group with a higher need for cognition engaged mostly in puzzles and other mental stimuli. The other group preferred manual tasks and kept themselves physically busy. The study went on to indicate that physical laziness is often a by product mental activeness. On the other hand when people lack the need for cognition they often prefer to be busy in physical tasks.

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