Japan Starts World’s First Cat Themed Train Cafe

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Who does not like cats? Netizens spend hours on every day watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Thes furry and cuddly companions can win hearts at the drop of a hat. Japan has caught on to this idea to provide the train commuters between Ogaki and Ikeno a taste of this furry treat. A cat themed train cafe where you satiate your taste buds as the loving purr-machines rub themselves against you.

A woman cuddles a cat on the Cat Cafe Train
A woman cuddles a cat on the Cat Cafe Train

All the cats involved in the project are rescue cats. They were designated to be put down but saved by a sanctuary. With the help from Yoro Railways, the sanctuary has launched the Cat Cafe Train which became a noteworthy success. Passengers loved the cuddly cuties hanging around them as they travelled and had their lunch. The tickets were sold in advance and all the tickets were consumed in just one day. This is the first cat-themed cafe in the world and we hope that there are much more going forward.

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