Whatsapp Starts Testing Message Recall Feature, Could Be Launched Very Soon

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According to the latest leak, popular messaging app Whatsapp has started testing a message recall feature for both Android and iOS platforms. The feature essentially allows the user to recall a message if the recipient has not read it yet. The feature is being implemented using a message recall server and according to reports, working perfectly. The feature is not available in the live version of the app yet, but it could be very soon.

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Using the recall option will not only delete the message for the recipient but it will delete from the notification server as well. Along with this functionality, Whatsapp is also working on a feature to let users edit a sent message, a feature highly sought after. As of now, Whatsapp does not allow any modification of a sent message. According to reports, Whatsapp has already tested a new a Whatsapp for business suite which could be monetized soon.

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