Meet The Dirtiest City In India, Literally

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On account of the “Swachhata Hi Seva campaign”, Indian government conducted a survey of major towns and cities in India in terms of cleanliness. The result was out last Thursday and the town of “Gonda”, in Uttar Pradesh, has won the crown for the dirtiest town in India. Gonda ranked 434th on the survey finishing rock bottom and fairing poorly on all parameters including sanitation strategies, waste collection and waste management. it is not a surprise that diseases like Cholera are prevalent in the town even in this day and age.

Gonda Is Suffering From Unbelievable Levels Of Garbage Pile Up
Gonda Is Suffering From Unbelievable Levels Of Garbage Pile Up

The plight of the inhabitants of Gonda is hard to imagine. There are piles of waste and garbage everywhere, even on the main roads of the town. So much so that commuters have to take alternate routes to avoid the garbage while driving. A permanent foul stench fills the city as municipal cleaning is close to non-existent. The lackluster condition of garbage management is said to be because of lack of manpower. According to additional district magistrate Triloki Singh, there are many posts lying vacant in the municipality and there is no permanent head of municipality as of now. Unless these problems are addresses, Gonda’s plight will continue to haunt its inhabitants.

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