Bad Weather Causes Europe’s Lowest Wine Production Levels Since WWII

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Thanks to global warming, the constantly changing climate and a spell of bad weather have caused lowest levels of wine production the entire Europe has seen since WWII. The Copa-Cogeca union had already warned earlier regarding this. All of the major wine producers such as Germany, Italy, Spain and France took major hits. bad weather meant much lower yields at the vineyards. The European Union as a whole produced 145 million hectolitres of wine which is 14% less than last year’s yield.

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Copa-Cogeca union said prices of wines will be higher but that would not cover all the losses faced by wine producers. Although some farmers had to harvest grapes at least 2 weeks earlier than normal, the union assures that quality of the wine will be as good as expected. Italy and France took the most major hits as Italy’s production came down 26% to 40 million hectolitres and France’s came down 18% to 37 million hectolitres. These levels are despite 2016 being one of the poorest wine production years in last 30 years. Remarkably, Portugal’s wine production rose by 10% during this period to 6 million hectolitres.

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