Shackles Are Starting To Fall Off – Saudi Arabia To Allow Women Into Three Major Sports Stadiums

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The shackles of Saudi women are starting to fall off, or that’s how it seems if one is to witness the latest development of events in the last one year or so. Just last month, the Saudi Government published a historic decree allowing women to drive. The very strict conservative Muslim nation it seems has started to understand the need and value of women empowerment. Most of these moves are driven by current Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “Vision 2030” ambitions. The prince specifically includes women empowerment and participation women in the labor market as part of the plan in order to boost the economy.

Saudi Women In The King Fahd Stadium To Witness The Country's 87th Anniversary Celebrations
Saudi Women In The King Fahd Stadium To Witness The Country’s 87th Anniversary Celebrations

Of many stadiums situated in the country, women will be allowed to attend three of the biggest, the King Abdullah Sport City in Jeddah, the Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam and the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh. A statement to this effect was issued by Saudi’s General Sport Authority. All of these stadiums were previously male only. In September women were also for the first time allowed to enter the King Fahd Stadium on the occasion of the country’s 87th anniversary. The rest of the world can only hope that this forward momentum towards women empowerment continues to roll.

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