Scientists Find Prehistoric Shark Still Thriving Deep Under The Ocean


Scientists have found a prehistoric dinosaur era shark species with 300 teeth, still thriving deep under the Atlantic ocean and near Japan. The shark species is at least 80 million years old and is a contemporary of the likes of the Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. It is not clear how the species survived for so long and escaped human eye so far is still a mystery. The shark has a snake head and about 300 teeth that allow it to trap fish, squid and even other sharks. Its species has not been named yet.

The Prehistoric Shark
The Prehistoric Shark

The Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere confirmed that the shark measures 1.5 meters in length and lives about 2300 feet under the surface. The likeness of this shark to a snake gives rise to the question if some of the 19th-century sea serpent stories told by sailors were actually true. The shark was caught during a science project and there might be many such findings in future as 90% of the deep sea is still unexplored.

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