Love Makes You Fat! Finds A New Study

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A study conducted by the University of Glasgow finds love can be a terrific fattener. For newlyweds and new lovebirds who move in together, couples can gain up to 5 pounds in a year and can gain up to 3 pounds in just 3 months if they are especially satisfied with the relationship. This study matches the results of a study conducted by Southern Methodist University in 2013 which found newlyweds who were happy with the marriage gained weight in the first 2 years of the marriage.

New Lovers

Experts believe that this weight gain is due to two reasons. The primary reason is lessening of social pressures once you find your soulmate and you tend to “Let Go”. This happens because you no longer have to maintain a certain standard to attract the opposite gender. On the other hand, couples often encourage each other to eat well and eat frequently. The combined result of both is the sudden weight gain often observed in people who have entered a relationship.

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