Scientists Find 170 Million-Years Old Dinosaur Footprints In Scotland

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Scotland is in the news again for Dinosaur footprints and this time for extremely rare middle Jurassic age fossilized footprints. The prints were found in the Isle of Skye, a Scottish Island. Scientists have determined that the footprints belonged to theropods. Theropods are considered to be ancestors of sharp-toothed and much popular Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaur Footprints Found At The Isle Of Skye Photo University of Edinburgh
Dinosaur Footprints Found At The Isle Of Skye Photo University of Edinburgh

The largest footprint found is 70 cm across. Scientists took nearly 50 photographs of the rare footprints and used drone photography to create a map of the whole region. Dr. Steve Brusatte, School of Geosciences of the University of Edinburgh said, “The more we look on the Isle of Skye, the more dinosaur footprints we find. This new site records two different types of dinosaurs – long-necked cousins of Brontosaurus and sharp-toothed cousins of Tyrannosaurus rex – hanging around a shallow lagoon, back when Scotland was much warmer and dinosaurs were beginning their march to global dominance.”

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