Are We Getting Too Dependent On Technology?

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Technology is a good thing. Constant advancement in technology have improved our lives in innumerable ways. Improvement in medical technology has saved countless lives. Our skies, roads and other modes of transportation are a lot safer thanks to technology. Automating certain processes throughout the industrial and manufacturing sector has made the workplace safer and increased productivity. It is technology that allows aged parents connect with their young kids staying abroad and even see their faces over internet. The whole world is now connected and exchange of information happens within seconds.


There is cause of concern on the horizon though. Technology has increased entertainment options manifolds and a certain demographic, especially the young people is hooked on to their gadgets almost every hour of the day. Relying too much on technology is taking away some of the healthy habits and techniques that kept people active and sharp throughout decades. Sometimes technology interferes with our health too. Let me share my views on the technological boom of the last century.

1) We Are Using Our Brains Less And Less:

Studies show that people who use their brains regularly are less likely to suffer from diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s when they get old. In fact development of brain functions start at a young age when kids play with puzzles and other brain stimulating games. Unfortunately, people of our generation are using their brains less than they are supposed to. For even the most menial of arithmetic calculations, kids today whip out their smartphone calculators. Remembering peoples’ and friends’ telephone numbers are now a thing of the past. This certainly diminishes our mental edge and if studies are true, makes us prime candidates for memory loss and Dementia when we grow old.

2) We Have Stopped Communicating With Each Other

Have you ever seen two friends sitting in the same room exchanging information with each other via chat applications? I know I have. This is what our society is turning into. People are glued to their iPads and smartphones and spend considerable amount of the day on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Thus there is less and less quality face to face social interaction in our lives. But a society grows, thrives and moves forward by its members interacting with each other meaningfully, not by them playing Farmville online. The result of this mass social alienation is that people do not develop bonds with each other and help each other in need. A swift glance across any day’s newspaper can easily establish this fact. This is probably the best reason that words like LOL, WTF and NOOB are more in circulation than any thoughtful new words.

Outdoor sports kids

3) Our Health Is Deteriorating

There was a time when kids spent time playing outdoors. This built their immunity, increased their stamina and made them ready to face the world in many aspects. Unfortunately, kids today would rather smash away at their gamepads and joysticks rather than pick up the baseball bat. The fantasy world of video games is more appealing to them than playing a game of soccer with their buddies. Playing outdoors exposes kids to teamwork and equip them to handle peer pressure later in life. It is already well established that kids who spend too much time at home are often unable to handle themselves properly in high school and colleges. I guess this is one point to think about.

4) Too Much Reliance On Gadgets Can Be Dangerous

We have autopilots for aircraft and all sorts of automatic safety measures in dangerous environments. All these things require regular manual maintenance and intervention but quite often, the people in charge of these operations rely too heavily on the machines an computers. A lack of care on their end can easily turn into a big disaster. Over the last few decades, we have seen hundreds of disasters resulting from humans relying too much on machines and gadgets. Guess it is time for people and technology to go hand in hand instead of man trying to make technology his slave.

air disaster

I am all for technology making our lives better but that is where we should draw the line. Depending on something too much other than  ourselves can never be good for humanity. So if you have a kid or a re a young guy like me, start adding up your grocery bills using your brain and give Facebook a break for a few days. Your smartphone is very useful but not so much if after 40 years you cannot recall where you put your glasses.

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