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Weight loss is a condition bugging billions of people worldwide. Even after knowing the best exercises to keep the extra pounds way, many people just cannot fit an exercise routine within their daily work schedule. The direct result of this phenomenon is more and more executives with fat belly and tires around their waists. I had previously discussed about the 6 exercises for guaranteed weight loss, but this list here is directed towards the people working 8 AM to 8 PM on a regular basis.

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People on tight schedules have multiple problems. They do not get to eat healthy or eat timely and they do not get much exercise. All these abuses of the body can lead to stress, elevated levels of diabetes sugar in blood and heart issues. But the most common problem is weight gain. The solution here needs to be a set of workouts that work fast, work well and can be done almost anywhere. These six workouts can be done at your home or at your office whenever you can make time. If you feel the need for gym then you can hit it over the weekends. There are some misconceptions that the workouts for weight loss need to be time-consuming or difficult to perform. Such is actually not the case.

Ok so without wasting any more screen space, here is my weight loss guide for busy people:

1) Stair Climbing

I am putting this at the top because I find it to be the single most effective workout solution that can be performed anytime anywhere that has some stairs. Thanks to the modernization of society, most working people now-a-days stay in multi-story apartments. The situation is more or less same with their workplaces too. So if you stay inside a 4th floor apartment and your office is in the 3rd floor, you can easily climb seven flights of stairs each day. You don’t have to do it all day. Just climb those stairs 4 – 5 times each day. Of course, the more the better.

If any of you are thinking well this is not too effective, I can tell you from personal experience that it is. Do you remember those first months when you went from average to fat? The first problem you would have faced apart from your old clothes not fitting anymore should have been your difficulty to climb stairs. When I got fat recently, I did not even feel anything for a month of two until I could not climb three flights of stairs without gasping for your. My friend lost 8 KGs in two months and got back in reasonable shape before marriage by just climbing the office stairs everyday and eating healthy. Try it, the results will be resounding.

2) Skipping Or Jumping Rope

It is a great workout to move that involves your whole body and does not take up much space to perform. You can do it at your home, in your office or anywhere you can get some time and privacy. It can be a great fat burner if coupled together with spot running or jogging. Skipping is also great for strengthening your leg muscles which help you to climb those stairs

Many people use skipping as a war up exercise before they delve into the meaty part of the work out. You can follow the same pattern. Use the skipping to warm yourself up before doing the exercises listed below. There are two variations of the skipping. One is slow with big jumps about one per 1.5 seconds. and the other is small jumps on your toes really fast. The first one will tire you out easily but if you have never done it before, go with that.


3) Aerobics

Aerobics are great for burning calories. At least to knock off the extra pounds or to keep you in reasonable shape. You must have seen those skinny girls doing exercises to music beats on TV. Well a figure like may not be the agenda here but there is no denying that aerobics can help you lose weight. The best part is that you do not even have to join an aerobics class to enjoy its goodness.

There are tons of aerobics training videos out there. You can download a few from YouTube as well. Go over the videos and learn the steps. You can also change, shuffle or omit the steps as you see fit. Like i told before, exercising regularly and properly is what matters. After you have an idea about aerobics step, start practicing them on your own. Five minutes may be at first but soon you will be doing round lasting up to half an hour easily.

Playing good dance music helps aerobics as it is a lot like dancing. Except you will be doing steps that concentrate on losing weight. Aerobics work because it works on your whole body at the same time. Unless you have bad knees or breathing troubles then aerobics should be great. Whenever you have some time, hit the music and start the routine.

4) Spot Running

Another all-time great exercise to lose weight. It is like running on the street but on the same spot. Standing on the same spot run like there is no tomorrow. Initially full blooded spot running might be too tiring for you and you will be out of breath within a few minutes. So start off slow with spot jogging. Take as much as time you want to build your speed and stamina. Doing exercise regularly and properly is what loses weight.

You can do the spot running any place any time. You just need enough space where you can stand upright. It can be afternoon in the office, morning when you get up or evening when you get back home. I personal prefer the evening time as a working person. Working out in the morning was depriving me of sleep. But putting in 1 hour in the evening was easy for me.

static cycle

5) Get A Static Cycle

Cycling is a great exercise but to fit in a cycling session inside your busy schedule can be tricky. The solution for this is the static cycle. Keep one at home or office and hit it anytime of the day. the best thing about these cycles is you can enjoy your coffee, take phone calls or enjoy your TV show while using it. This will save you the time to fit that exercise in your tight schedule.

When we gain weight, most of the fat tends to accumulate in our abdomen, waist and thighs. Cycling can take care of that lower body fat effectively. There are some cycles that allow you work your arms at the same time so you have got full body workout right there. Some people keep static cycles both in their offices and their homes so that they can ride it whenever time permits them.

Nothing beats regular workouts in the gym but weight loss workouts can be done at your home and office too. If you think these workout will take too much of your time then you can alternate between them. As I have already established, climbing the stairs and riding the bicycle can be done any day. Mix and match the rest. If aerobics is too hectic for you then you can do a basic warm out routine like squats or jumping jacks.

Let me know if these exercises help you cut the flab. Also check out my blog about the diet I followed while trying to lose weight. It should be useful for all working people. Drink tons of water and eat healthy. I would love to hear back on your progresses. All the best!

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