Li-Fi Could Replace Wi-Fi – Provide Internet Connectivity 100 Times Faster Using Light Bulb

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Gone are the days when individuals and companies had to pull their hair out over slow Wi-Fi connectivity. Li-Fi, a new internet connectivity technique using the visible light spectrum has already been tested in an office. The technology requires only a light bulb, a photo detector and internet to function.


Prof. Harold Haas, who is the head of Telecommunication Dept. In Edinburgh University first coined the term Li-Fi and displayed its capabilities at 2011 TED conference. He used an LED lamp at the conference to stream video. The Li-Fi has practically been able to transfer at a speed of 1 GB per second and theoretically it is capable of transferring up to 224 GB per second.

The benefits of Li-Fi include using the technology inside aircrafts, hospitals and other areas where radio signal interference can cause problems. Also their is a shortage of radio signal spectrum but the visible spectrum has 10,000 times more availability.

The obvious pitfalls are that Li-Fi cannot be used outdoors in sunlight and it cannot move through walls. But this is undoubtedly a significant step in internet connectivity and future research might render those issues toothless.

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