Can These So Called Heroes Of Today Truly Become The Legends Of Tomorrow?

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Spin-off series is not a brand new concept. Trust us, there are several examples. In recent past we were seeing an awful lot, baked straight from the oven called MARVEL. Agent Carter or Agents of SHIELD could be mind-boggling specimens where the respective plots are deeply rooted in the core of MARVEL Cinematic Universe. Turns out that DC is not far behind, thanks to The CW Television Network. Back in 2012, when CW started airing Arrow, not many DC fans imagined that there would be a point soon enough when they’ll be seeing another equally intriguing superhero series with potentially exciting crossovers. We’d be surprised if you haven’t guessed it yet, Yes, we are talking about Flash of course.

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By this time, most of us have already started to have faith in Oliver Queen’s agility and good judgement to save Starling City while others adored Barry Allen’s blazing speed and audacious ventures around Central City. Fine crossovers of the two highly appreciated CW TV series created a likelihood of something close to Justice League. Well it’s not really Justice League what CW has showcased but something alike.

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Coming January 2016, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg along with Marc Guggenheim, co-developers of Arrow and Flash, are coming back to silver screen with Legends of Tomorrow, a so called assembly of super heroes. Needless to say, award winning actors Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin would be taking the crucial roles while former Super Man Brandon Routh as Atom, deceased & resurrected Caity Lotz as White Canary and many more will join the league. Long standing fans of Oliver Queen a.k.a. The Arrow will be expecting to see the presence of enchanting Felicity Smoak after the winsome chemistry in last season. Though her appearance is not yet confirmed.

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Few more days to go before Rip Hunter, the star of DC Time Master comic series, would travel back in present time to assemble a team of vigilantes to stop the super villain. Can these so called heroes of today truly become the Legends of Tomorrow? The Countdown begins…

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