8 Tips To Care For Your Skin In Winter

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Winter is upon us! That time of the year when you finally get to whip out your leathers and woollens, put on a pair of skis and enjoy the warmth of the sun. But winter is also the time when people experience extreme dry skin, chapped lips, breakage of skin that leads to bleeding and in some cases ‘Psoriasis’. Hence it is very imperative that you have the following winter skincare tips in your kitty as you prepare to face the chill.

Winter Skincare

1) Hydrate Your Body

This is the most basic and perhaps the most ignored winter skincare tip you may  receive. People feel less thirsty during winter as the heat and humidity is not there to steal away water from their bodies. It is important, however, to drink as much water in winter as you would drink in summer. Proper hydration helps your skin stay young and supple.

2) Use Moisturiser

During winter make it a habit to moisturise frequently throughout the day. In fact you should moisturise even before you go to sleep. Moisturise evenly all parts of your body. Put your gloves and shoes on after moisturise as this will help the moisturiser remain effective for longer.

3) Chuck The Cleanser And Toner

Cleanser and Toner helps us keep facial skin dry during summer so obviously they have no use during the winter. You can use creamy facial cleanser but toner is a complete no-no.

4) Avoid Hot Water

A hot water bath during winter can feel like paradise but it is detrimental to your skin. You may have noticed that your skin feels very dry right after a hot water bath. These happens because after a hot water bath your skin becomes hotter than the atmosphere so the moisture in your skin evaporates very fast. Use lukewarm water instead.

5) Do Not Shower For Too Long

Taking a long shower can break the lipid barrier of your skin resulting in quick evaporation of moisture. Take shorter baths a couple of times to supplement the longer bath.

6) Avoid Alcohol Based Cosmetic Products

There are many cosmetic products rich in alcohol. Application of these products may cause instant dryness of the skin as alcohol evaporates very fast and when it evaporates, it takes away your skin’s moisture with it. Use water or gel based products as much as possible.

7) Get A Humidifier

Room humidity drops during the winter hence the air around you tries to extract moisture out of your body. To prevent this from happening, get a humidifier and keep room humidity as a soothing level.

8) Keep A Lip Balm Handy

Lips often get the worst of the winter weather hence a lip balm should be an essential part of your winter skincare preparation. As lip balms wear quite frequently due to all the activities our lips have to do throughout the day, keep lip balm handy at all times.

These 8 tips should help you get through winter with your skin as glowing and as radiating as ever. Remember winter is the time for enjoying the outdoors.

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