World’s First Smokeable Smartphone Jupiter IO 3 Hits The Market

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Believe it or not, along with the long list of features smartphones have started to dish out, here comes another one that lets the user take puffs of their favourite e-cigarette flavour. Yes, the Jupiter IO 3 smartphone from US company Vaporcade is enabled with an appendage that lets the user a attach a flavour cartridge and a mouthpiece to the phone for a smoke.

Jupiter IO 3 From Vaporcade
Jupiter IO 3 From Vaporcade

The phone also comes with two batteries, one to power the vape cartridge and one for the phone. Power from the batteries can be shared so for those who do not smoke much the phone will provide more juice. A button is in place to regulate the heat and the pull of the flavour. Each cartridge comes for around 15 USD and provides approximately 8oo puffs which is equivalent to 4 packs of cigarette. Cartridges are available in flavours of peach, coffee and mint.

The resident Vaporcade app lets user know the flavour of the attached cartridge, amount of liquid left and the number of puffs already taken. The phone coems with Android KitKat 4.4 and supports 3G. It is priced at 299 USD and another 4G version is to be released later at 499 USD. The Jupiter IO 3 supports all basic functions apart from the smoking.

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