Is Zika Virus The New AIDS? World Health Organisation Is Concerned

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As soon as the world breathed a sigh of relief when the Ebola epidemic got over, a new virus started threatening the Latin America and it has got WHO mighty concerned. Masquerading as the Zika virus, this mosquito borne virus has been existence for a long time but it has never threatened to be as harmful as it is this time around. WHO first got worried when they amount of kids born with Microcephaly skyrocketed in Brazil and researchers found the culprit as Zika virus. Pregnant women got affected by Zika and were giving birth to Kids with Microcephaly. The situation worsened so much that Brazil government urged women not to get pregnant at least till 2018.

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Giving little respite, Zika started spreading in the US and a caution was issued for the same. But the news of an infection in Dallas recently has caused even more stir as health officials opined that the virus was transmitted via sexual contact, at least in this case. This is the only second case of Zica infection via sexual transmission. Gregory Hartl of WHO said, “We certainly understand the concern. This needs to be further investigated to understand the conditions and how often or likely sexual transmission is, and whether or not other body fluids are implicated,” But the new findings definitely raises concerns over genetic changes in the virus. None of the symptoms or spreading methods displayed by Zica virus off late has been noticed or documented in earlier cases. WHO also has nothing much to do except observe and understand. “There are many things we don’t know about Zika. Lots of surveillance is needed…We have our team set up and are sure there will be lots of progress quickly,” said Gregory.

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