Nexbit ‘Robin’, The Phone With Unlimited Storage, To Launch On 18th February

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Nextbit is now ready to launch their much awaited ‘Robin’ only 1 week from now. Before the phone is officially unveiled, a lot of information about the smartphone is already public. Nextbit said they wanted to focus more on the functionality rather than the looks but the phone looks quite stunning anyway. It has all the standard goodies, 5.2″ IPS 1080p screen, 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera and 3GB ram, all of which is powered by Snapdragon 808 processor. The Rear camera has dual-tone flash and phase detection AF. It provides connectivity via, Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE and NFC while a 2680 mAh battery powers the contraption. Fingerprint scanner is an added functionality. The phone will carry latest Android Marshmallow.

Nextbit Robin Mint And Midnight Colors Photo gsmarena
Nextbit Robin Mint And Midnight Colors Photo gsmarena

Unlike other phones, Robin has 4 LED indicators at the back which makes getting notifications easy even with the phone face down. But all of the technical specifications apart, the Robin has created a buzz for one sole reason, its promise to provide unlimited storage via cloud. Here is how it works. The phone will come standard with 32 GB non-expandable storage. Whatever applications, data and media you have the phone is automatically backed up on the cloud. The interesting thing is that Robin detects which files and apps are important to you and which are not. So if you have not used a particular app or file for a long time, Robin will back it up on cloud and delete it from the phone. You can of course get it back whenever you want. As long as you have WiFi connectivity and the phone hooked to the charger, Robin will keep managing and backing up data to ensure storage is never an issue.

Nextbit Robin Backside Photo gsmarena
Nextbit Robin Backside Photo gsmarena

Every user will get 100 GB of initial space on cloud and Nextbit confirmed that if extra space is needed, that will not be charged. Manufactured by Foxconn, the phone is priced at 349 USD for Kickstarter backers and first 1000 backers get a discounted rate of 249 USD only. The retail price upon launch is set at 399 USD, pretty affordable for a phone that promises unlimited storage. The ‘Robin’ will be available in Mint and Midnight shades.

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