Berlin Opens First Major LGBT Refugee Center

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Recent ISIS atrocities in Syria, Iraq and other parts of middle-east saw a large influx of refugees taking asylum in Germany and other European countries. And that influx also brought numerous problems for the LGBT refugees. In many of the refugee centers the LGBT part of the contingent was abused, banished, physically beaten and threatened with murder of rape. Thanks to the efforts of LGBT consultancy Schwulenberatung Berlin, a brand new LGBT only refugee center has opened in the Treptow-Köpenick borough of Berlin. The center can house 140 lesbian, gay and transvestite refugees at the same time. The upper floors of the building is still being worked upon and would soon be open.


First 18 refugees will claim shelter in the center on coming Tuesday, 1ast March, 2016. Apart from being a shelter, the center will also serve as a center of assimilation and integration for refugees. Stefan Jäkel, spokesman for  Schwulenberatung Berlin said to RT, “We will have special offers such as German and integration courses, which will be held by gay and lesbian teachers who offered us help. We will learn the community vocabulary, which they will not be able to learn in usual German courses. We are getting a lot of support from Berlin’s LGBT community as well as local offers.”

A facility ran by gay and lesbian group Fliederlich has opened it Nuremberg this month. But this facility can house only 8 gay refugees at a time which is insignificant compared to the number of abuse reports flooding in from refugee camps. This shelter was built by Hendrik Gaudlas a commercial and residential complex but he changed his mind looking at the refugee influx and registered it as a shelter of refugees.

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