Gmail Introduces 5 New Useful Features – Here They Are

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Gmail has been getting constant attention and upgrade from Google recently and many of the new features are quite productive and useful. Here are the 5 new useful features to keep you abreast with the latest Gmail offerings:


1. Rich Text Support Via Mobile App:

Earlier Gmail did not support rich text formatting via the mobile app. Meaning you could not use bold, italics, change text color or change fonts while sending mails from your smartphone. Now the Gmail app allows for rich text formatting making mobile mailing a lot more user friendly.

2. Unauthenticated Mail Alert:

Now you do not have to go through an entire mail anymore to find out if the sender really means business or just a spammer. Now Gmail shows a question mark instead of a picture of the sender to let you know the mail is from an unverified source.

3. Instant Scheduling And RSVP:

Google calendar could be a little cluttered and clumsy at times bit not anymore. Now you can respond to RSVPs with a single touch and view and plan schedules very quickly. A very useful upgrade for the busy people out there.

4. Gmailfy For Other Email Accounts:

Using Gmalify, you can manage your Gmail inbox and Google Crads from Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook accounts. Support from other mail providers are on the way. Neat isn’t it?

5. Alert For TLS Encryption:

If you use Gmail for work and handle sensitive data over mail, TLS encryption is paramount. But even though you have TLS encryption, how can you be sure the receiver of your mail does? Well now you can thanks to Google adding a feature that shows a broken red lock if the receiver of your mail does not have TLS. It can potentially prevent theft of some very sensitive information.

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