Ramdev Wants To Shut The Gate In Colgate, Patanjali Eyeing Larger Market Share

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Patanjali will shut the gate in Colgate, wet the pants of Pantene, make the Nestle bird fly away and trouble the liver of Unilever. These are some of Baba Ramdev’s comments, sorry “Battle Cry” for the competitors of Patanjali Ayurvedic. He announced that Patanjali will overtake Colgate this year itself and Unilever in another 3 years. As Patanjali reached its estimate of 5,000 crore for last financial year, the yoga guru is eyeing foreign markets. Patanjali’s honey and cosmetic products are likely to be exported to countries like the US, Canada, UK and multiple Arab and African countries.

Patanjali Brand Logo And Products Photo financialexpress
Patanjali Brand Logo And Products Photo financialexpress

Two Patanjali mega stores will be opened in Nagpur and Lucknow followed by other locations in India. Each store will be 5,000 square feet and house every Patanjali product. Patanjali is also set to debut “Soundarya” brand of cosmetic products. Patanjali Ayurvedic has grown at blazing speed in the last four years. People fond of herbal products and Ramdev’s followers are the prime customers of Patanjali products and the number seems to be increasing exponentially with each passing year.

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