7 Reasons Why Homeopathy Does Not Work

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Since it was conceived by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th Century, Homeopathy has been researched and practiced as an alternate course of medicine. Homeopathic doctors are present throughout the world and they depend on a number of similar remedies. But does homeopathy really work? After thousands of studies, controlled experiments and medical observations, the answer might be here. No, homeopathy should not be trusted upon. Here are the top 7 reasons why it does not work.

Homeopathic Medicines Photo japantimes.co.jp
Homeopathic Medicines Photo japantimes.co.jp

1) The Dosage and Preparation Is Unrealistic:

The preparation of homeopathic medicine relies on the fact that if a medicinal substance is diluted hundreds or thousands of times, the resulting concoction still retains a “memory” of the original properties which aids in treatment. This theory, however, is unscientific and certain diseases need more concentrated doses of medicines which cannot be fulfilled by homeopathy.

2) Homeopathy Is Unreliable In Curing Complex Diseases:

While homeopathy is often used to treat common ailments such as bladder problems, fever, common cold etc. it is virtually of no use when it comes to complex diseases such as Pneumonia, cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy etc. So if anyone is suffering from this problems, they have no use going for homeopathic medicines.

3) Homeopathy Is Unusable In Surgical Treatments:

Homeopathic doctors often discount surgery as something other than medicinal treatment. But almost every surgery requires certain types of medication such as anesthetics, painkillers and other life saving drugs. Homeopathy does not provide any useful alternative to these medicines.

4) Homeopathy Does Not Prove Effectiveness In Controlled Experiments:

Under controlled conditions, when a number of patients are given homeopathic medicines and conventional medication for common symptoms without letting them know what sort of medicine was administered, those who ingested homeopathic medicine do not show improvements better than that of the effects of placebo.

5) Homeopaths Cannot Agree Among Themselves:

If you use homeopathic treatment yourself, you must have experienced that treatments vary widely among different homeopaths while treating the same ailments. In fact some homeopaths seem to treat some ailments better than the others. But if you visit doctors practicing conventional medicines, more often than not you will find uniform medication and treatment for similar symptoms.

6) Homeopathy Can Endanger Lives Of Patients:

Patients fighting terminal diseases might waste their time in homeopathic treatment before they finally turn towards conventional treatment. But in case of terminal illness, every day, in fact every minute matters. Thus people going for homeopathic medication often waste valuable time.

7) Homeopaths Often Prescribe Conventional Medicines:

Last but not the least,  homeopathic doctors often prescribe conventional medicines. That is mostly because even simple medicines like Crocin often show much better effectiveness against common symptoms of fever and cold as compared to homeopathic medicines.

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