6 Ways To Prevent And Reduce Sunburn This Summer

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This year summer is more scorching than ever and summer means lots of tan and sunburn. Sunburn can be a huge problem for your skin, especially in the tropical countries. Sunburnt skin is prone to irritation and rashes. In fact you might feel uncomfortable when the skin comes in contact with clothes, making it harder to wear fashionable apparel. For those who work outdoors or travel a lot, avoiding sunburn can be difficult. Here are 10 ways to prevent and reduce sunburn that can get you through this scorching summer:

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1) Use Sunscreen With Appropriate SPF:

Using a good sunscreen is a must if you are planning to stay outdoors during summer but not every sunscreen is up to the task. Make sure you are wearing a sunscreen with correct SPF. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is extremely important to keep your skin protected. For example if you do not spend a lot of time in the sun, a cream with SPF 15 should suffice for you. If you have to spend a few hours a stretch outdoors, use sunscreen with SPF 30. For sports persons or people who spend a lot of time outdoors everyday, sunscreen with SPF 50 is a must.

2) Protect And Cover Your Screen:

Avoid direct sunlight. Many of us think those fancy jacgood kets are only for winter and the umbrella is only for rainy season. On the contrary, using umbrella and full sleeve jacket can work wonders when it comes to protecting your screen from sunburn. Try to cover your face and neck area with scarf or cap. Do not forget sunglasses during summer as the skin under your eyes is extremely fragile.

3) Drink Lots Of Green Tea:

Catechin present in green tea extremely beneficial in preventing and reducing sunburn. The tannic acid has been shown to help in reducing the irritation of sunburnt screen. Drink at least two cups of green tea each day.

4) Consume Vitamin D

Exposure to sun gives us vitamin D while at the same time consuming vitamin D has shown to reduce effects of sunburn and sun’s UV radiation. Vitamin D can obtained from many natural sources such as cod lever oil and multivitamin supplements.

5) Fill Up on Saturated Fat:

Consuming low PUFA saturated fat actually prevent or delay the effects of sunburn considerably. This kind of diet helps strengthening the cells that primarily make up skin and can absorb a lot of abuse from UV rays. A study on rodents also confirmed the fact the saturated fat can help significantly in preventing sunburn.

6) Consume Lycopene:

Lycopene is abundantly available in tomatoes and organic tomato ketchup. Consumption of Lycopene significantly reduces the damage cause by direct sun rays. In fact a study showed that consuming 55 gms of tomato paste each day reduced damage of sun rays by 25%.

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