7 Easy Ways To Prevent Body Odour

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As summer thrusts its hot and humid self upon us, it is time to perspire, perspire a lot. And with perspiration comes the problem of body odour. Nobody likes the guy who stinks, even if you have the smartest clothing on. Did you know that body odour is not caused by sweat itself but the microscopic bacteria living in and on our skin? Yes when this bacteria mixes and reacts with sweat, a strong repulsive odour is formed. Good news is, it can be curbed and controlled. Here are 6 killer tips on how to prevent body odour.

Underarm Odour Representational Photo Courtesy appealingskin
Underarm Odour Representational Photo Courtesy appealingskin

1) Shower Enough:

Showering properly and cleaning all of the sweaty body parts can get rid of excessive sweat and bacteria fairly easily. During summer shower once instead of twice if you stay in a humid place. Make sure your body is properly clean before stepping out of the bathroom.

2) Use Antibacterial Soap:

Doing so would ensure that the bacteria on your skin cannot grow. In fact if you use a strong soap, it can stop bacterial build up for hours after use, making sure you do not have to bother about body odour.

3) Use Antiperspirant Instead of Deodorants:

There are many antiperspirant formulas available in the market that can give you hours without sweat. You can combine an antiperspirant and a deodorant to get even better results.

4) Shave Your Under Arms:

Since your under arms the main culprits when it comes to perspiration and body odour, it makes sense to keep them squeaky clean. Shaving your under arms would help sweat evaporate faster and slow down bacteria build up.

5) Carry Antiperspirant/Deodorant:

Many of us apply all the fancy fragrances in the morning before leaving for the day but in summer it helps to carry the bottle of antiperspirant and/or deodorant with you. When ever you feel sweaty, just apply some and you will be fresh again.

6) Avoid Certain Foods:

It has been shown that certain types of foods such as fried stuff, onions, garlics etc. contribute to body odour. In summer if possible cut down on these foods to prevent undue body odour.

7) Wear Fresh Clothes/Shoes:

Wearing freshly washed clothes shoes can do wonders when it comes to body odour. First of all fresh clothes and shoes have a nice fragrance that can mask body odour and changing them regularly allows the skin to breathe resulting in less sweat deposit.

Following these 7 steps religiously will keep you fresh even on the hottest of days. Say bye to the days of perspiration and irritating body odour and say hello to day long freshness and fragrance ūüôā


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