Microsoft Dumps Nokia And Lumia, Just As The Company Shows Signs Of Life

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Microsoft has finally decided to dump Nokia and the Lumia brand of smartphones after some abysmal quaters. Lagging far and far behind from iOS and Android devices, Lumia could never be the competitor Microsoft had hoped for. For the time being Microsoft is selling off Nokia to Foxconn at a price of 350 million USD and concentrating on cloud and app services to enter the smartphone market. No new Lumia phones will hit the market but Microsoft will continue to support existing devices.

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Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 Surface tablets aimed at the pricier chunk of the market. The decision will jeopardise jobs of 1,850 employees working in the hardware division of Microsoft. Microsoft said in a statement,  “Our company will be pragmatic and embrace other mobile platforms with our productivity services, device management services, and development tools — regardless of a person’s phone choice, we want everyone to be able to experience what Microsoft has to offer them.” In the meanwhile, Nokia is showing signs of life as a new Finnish company called HMD has acquired the rights to phone technologies developed by Nokia and they will be Android Nokia phones. The phones will be available by fall 2016 or early 2017.

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