This Tortoise Saved Its Entire Species From Extinction

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Entire species getting extinct is nothing new to this world, in fact often we tend to just brush off these gloomy titbits and concentrate on the entertainment news instead. The last decade itself saw a number of species getting extinct, Spix’s macaw, the Bramble Clay melomys, West African Black Rhino and so on. The same fate was awaiting this particular species of Galapagos Islands with their numbers dwindling. But one male member of the species stepped in to save the day.

Diego Saved His Entire Species From Extinction Photo indy100
Diego Saved His Entire Species From Extinction Photo indy100

Meet Diego, a male Chelonoidis Hoodensis tortoise. He has saved his species from the brink of extinction by fathering loads and loads of offspring. In fact, he is the father of more than 800 Chelonoidis Hoodensis tortoises found in Galapagos today. Diego was brought to San Diego zoo and when it was confirmed that he belonged to a particular species, he was brought back to the islands. At that time Galapagos had only 14 tortoises of his kind, 2 male and 12 females. Diego turned it around.

Aged over 100 and weighing 13 stones, Diego was never shy of mating and thus share his genetics with more than 40% of current Chelonoidis Hoodensis population. And he is showing no signs of slowing down. According to experts, the species is still not out of the woods but if Diego can carry on for a few more years with the help of his friends and family, Chelonoidis Hoodensis might actually become a saved species.

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