10 Weird Japanese Words Every Language Needs


Japan is often called the land of the bizarre. Apart from displaying weird rituals, cultures, food, movies and even TV shows, it also has some crazy nuances in terms of language. No matter how weird these words may seem, every undoubtedly needs to induct them in the vocabulary ASAP. Here are top 10 weird Japanese words every language needs:

1. IRUSU (noun)

Pretending to be out when someone visits your place.

2. TSUNDOKU (noun)

Buying and stockpiling books without reading them.

3. YOISHO (noun)

A word you utter when you lounge back after a hard day of work, it has no specific meaning.

4. KAROSHI (noun)

Death from overwork. You literally kill yourself from working too much.


5. KUIDAORE (noun)

Eating yourself into bankruptcy!

6. MAJIME (noun)

A trustworthy person who can get stuff done and solve problems without any fuss.

7. Kyoiku mama (noun)

Roughly translated into “education mother” Kyoiku mama is feared by he children as she always obsesses for her children’s education.


8. Barcode Hair (noun – gairaigo)

A Gairaigo is English or other foreign word imported into Japanese to serve a specific purpose. Barcode Hair refers to partially bald men combing over in a way that their hair looks like a barcode.

9. Bakku-shan (noun)

A woman looks beautiful from the behind but not from the front.


10. Age-otori (noun)

Looking worse after a bad haircut.


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