Scientists Successfully Replace Neurons In Mice Brains

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Scientists may have gotten one step closer to brain cell transplantation with a successful neuron transplant in mice brain. In a study published in Nature magazine, scientists were able to take neurons from mice embryos and placed them at lesioned areas of mice brain. The cells grew up to be regular neurons and started exchanging normal brain signals.

Neuron Connections Representative Image

One of the major challenges of neuron transplant is the neuron’s ability to make identical connections to its neighbours as compared to the original neuron. Each neuron grows separately conditioned to handle certain types of task. The transplanted neurons not only grew to be exactly as the damaged ones, they also did not form any unwanted connections.

Scientists are elated with this study but warns that neuron transplant in humans will not be as straightforward. There are many factors involved and access to embryonic tissue will not be easy. Researchers are planning to turn scar tissues that result from accidents into healthy neurons. If the progress is sustained, this research could lead to eradication of damage caused by diseases like stroke and Parkinsons.

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