5 Ways Dark Chocolate Can Make You Healthier

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When we think of chocolates, we think of dietary sin! To us, a bite of dark chocolate is instant fat gain, unhealthy calorie increasing food of the devil. And like many other things, scientific studies tend to lean the other way. According to a number of studies, chocolate consumption (in moderation of course) can lead to several health benefits! Here are 5 health gains you can expect from your daily nibbles of chocolates.

1) Chocolates Could Slow Down Alzheimer’s And Dementia:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are degenerative brain diseases that plague a large number of elderly people all over the world. Studies have shown that a chemical called Resveratrol can slow down dementia and improve overall cognitive functions of the brain. This chemical is naturally found in both red wine and dark chocolate. So consuming dark chocolate and red wine in moderation to ward off cognitive brain diseases may not be too far fetched. And as such the following benefit may not surprise you at all.

dark chocolate

2) Chocolate Consumption Could Lead To A Healthy Heart:

It is a well known fact that a daily peg of red wine could lead to a healthy heart. Since dark chocolate seems to share certain properties with red wine, how can it be far behind? Some studies show that daily limited consumption of dark chocolate lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improves blood vessel functioning and lowers insulin. Not bad right?

3) Dark Chocolate Can Lift Your Mood:

Dark chocolate contains a healthy amount of Endorphin, a chemical that leads to a sense of happiness and joy. It is often seen that depressed people go on chocolate eating binges because they enjoy the raised endorphin levels. But even a small quantity of dark chocolate is enough to lift your mood.

4) Chocolate Could Stop Bowel Cancer:

Bowel cancer is quite common nowadays thanks to our unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits, genetics and whatnot. But a certain chemical called Polyphenol has been shown to safeguard our innards against the deadly clutches of bowel cancer? And where can you find polyphenols naturally? Well, you guessed it, dark chocolate.

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5) Dark Chocolates Can Help Lose Weight:

Yes, this one sounds straight up like a load of bull. After all chocolates are notorious for aiding in weight gain right? But again, there is science. Science tells us having chocolate in moderation, while on a die, actually aids in the weight loss process. In fact people who are deprived of chocolate and other fatty foods completely while dieting tend to binge eat such food often and thus nullify all the effects of their diet. Once again, moderation is the key word.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to have your share of dark chocolate and not giving a flip about it. Do not feel ashamed of your chocolate eating habits anymore because science has your back. But only if you eat in moderation!d

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