iOS 11 Wifi And Bluetooth Toggle Does Not Turn Them Off, Raises Security Concern

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Among a multitude of changes brought in by iOS 11, Apple’s latest iOS offering, one of the features (or should we say concerns) is the issue users not being able to disconnect Wifi or Bluetooth the easy way. From the control center, if the user toggles the wifi or bluetooth, it is assumed that those services are turned off. But as it happens, the iOS 11 control center does not actually turn those off, rather disconnects the phone from the current bluetooth or wifi access points until the user moves to a new location with other access points. Then the phone automatically connects to those access points.

iOS 11

If the user does not move to a new location, then these changes only last till 5 AM in the morning local time. As soon it is 5 AM, the services automatically connect to available bluetooth or wifi access point. In order to disable these services completely, the user needs to head into settings everytime or put the device in airplane mode. Not only does this pose an issue of convenience and battery drain, the feature has attracted the scorn of mobile security researchers.

Researchers have recently shown that if a weakness is found in the bluetooth connectivity of a mobile device, hackers can take control of the device without requiring any action from the device user. Which means if the user unknowingly taps to disable the bluetooth in iOS 11 in an area with potentially unreliable access points, unbeknownst to him his bluetooth will stay activated and might result in his device getting hacked. Security experts called this feature “Stupid.”

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