Google Introduces Advanced Protection Program To Thwart Targeted Online Attacks

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Google has stepped up to the plate to protect Gmail and Google account users who are at the risk of targeted online hacking attacks. The Google Advanced Protection Program will sacrifice some of the conveniences of using a Google account for advanced protection from many types of online attacks. The program is participation based and you can be a part of the experience as well.

Google Advanced Protection Program

Once part of the program, you will not be able to log in using only your username and password. You will also be needing physical USB device containing security key to gain access. Which means even if someone gains access to your account details, they will still be locked out of the account. In order to make it safer, Google will also limit your access to several Google apps and let you use only the apps made by Google. But the plan is to expand the selection of apps in future.

If you somehow lose access to your account and need to recover it back, there are extra steps to ensure someone else impersonating you cannot get the details. According to Google, there are “Additional reviews and requests for more details” to ascertain your credentials. The Advanced Protection Program product manager Dario Salice wrote, “Once you enroll in Advanced Protection, we’ll continually update the security of your account to meet emerging threats – meaning Advanced Protection will always use the strongest defenses that Google has to offer.” Google Advanced Protection Program is available for enrolment through this link.

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